Gemini 750Pro

Gemini 750Pro

Product code:BW3935UK

The Gemini 750Pro monolight feature all of the benefits of the Gemini r units, including Travelpak battery and Pulsar Trigger Card compatibility, but also offers more power and flash-durations as fast as 1/2300 sec and a voltage seeking power system which makes it useable just about anywhere in the world.

The Gemini Pro range delivers more power and faster flash-durations making it the perfect portable flash system for fashion or commercial photographers.

Available in four sizes from 500Ws to 1500Ws the Gemini Pro monolights feature all of the benefits of the Gemini r units, including Travelpak battery and Pulsar Trigger Card compatibility, but also offer flash-durations as fast as 1/2900 sec and a voltage seeking power system which makes them useable just about anywhere in the world.

Capture split-second action
If you need to capture action, then the Pro range is for you, the 750pro has an amazingly short flash-duration of 1/2300 sec! Compare this to 1/900 sec on the Gemini 500r and the decision is easy for fashion photographers. The three electrode, flash tube is the reason for the action freezing flash times on the Gemini Pro monolights - the fastest Bowens monolights ever! The flash tube is easily user replaceable too - so, no expensive service center fees if it needs replacing.

The true go-anywhere system
The Travelpak battery unit means that Gemini Pro lights can go anywhere out on location. But what about when you are in the studio in another country? With the Pro range, the Gemini becomes a true go anywhere system. Advanced circuitry within the unit is able to seek the correct voltage to run on meaning that, with a simple switch of modelling lamp, you can take a Gemini Pro monolight anywhere in the world, safe in the knowledge that it will work wherever you go - inside or out.

More time to create
In photography everyone knows that time is money. That is why the Gemini Pro range of monolights boast recycling times to full power faster than ever before. Now you can spend less time waiting for your lights to power up and more time creating amazing images with your world-class lighting.

Good to know!
If a monolight has not been used for a year or more then it is strongly advisable to turn the unit on and leave on without flashing for a 6-8 hour period. This will help the capacitors to soften again if they have gone hard through non use.
Never connect a Travelpak to a Gemini while the unit is plugged into the mains. Avoid pressing on the battery section of the rocker switch when plugged into the mains.
If a modelling lamp fails and on replacement the unit does not work, check to see if it has blown the fuse, there is a spare fuse in the small draw below the mains plug socket dispose of the blown fuse in the inner slot and swap with the spare fuse in the outer slot.

Max Power (Ws) 750Ws
Guide Number (m/100 ISO) 104
Flash Duration (t=0.5) 1/2300
Recycle Time (100%) 1.5 secs
Power Accuracy 1/10th stop
Power Control Remote Control , Stop & Tenth Dials
Power Range 5 Stops
Modelling Control Control Button, Remote Control
Modelling Modes Independent , Off , Proportional, Full
Digital Display Yes
Ready Indication Illuminated Test Button
Plug-in Radio Trigger Option Yes
Multi-Voltage Yes
Auto Dump Yes
IR Remote Compatible Yes
Fan Cooled Yes
Colour Temperature 5600K (±300K)
Flash Inhibit Circuit Yes
Sync Voltage 5V DC
Operating Voltage 190-250V AC 50Hz, 90-130V AC 60Hz
Travelpak Compatible Yes
Voltage Stabilisation ±0.5%
Ready Light Yes
Ready Beep Yes
Width 170mm
Length 410mm
Height 133mm
Weight 4.0kg

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